Marriage Registration Fees For 2016 Released

Love couples in Accra will pay at least GH¢150.00 in fees to celebrate a marriage under the ordinance at the Marriage Registry in AMA, in 2016. The new marriage registration fees are published under the Accra Metropolitan Assembly’s Imposition of Rates and Fee-Fixing Resolution, 2016, in the Local Government Bulletin No.1 dated Wednesday, January 6, 2016.

The new fees come in a resolution adopted at a meeting of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly convened on October 31, 2015, and signed by the Acting Presiding Member of the Assembly, Hon. Derrick Addotey Myres and the Metropolitan Coordinating Director, Sam Ayeh-Datey.

The Approved Fees are as follows:

  • Filing of Notice of marriage — 20.00
  • Registrar’s Certificate — 50.00
  • Marriage Ceremony
  • Weekday — 150.00 or
  • Weekend — 80.00

Under the ordinance form of marriage, also called court marriage by some people, a couple must, first of all, file a notice of marriage [GH¢20.00] and, twenty-one days after, obtain the registrar’s certificate [GH¢50.00] which grants them permission to have their marriage ceremony. Then the couple may choose to have the ceremony on a weekday [GH¢150.00] or on a weekend [GH¢80.00]. According to the new release of fees, GH¢220.00 is the most a couple could pay for a marriage certificate.

Couples who wish to have their weddings celebrated in church normally proceed to make arrangements with chaplains after they obtain the registrar’s certificates.

ordinance-marriage-ghanaThe head office of Accra Metropolitan Assembly, located on Asafoiatse Nettey Rd, near the Bank of Ghana and the General Post Office, has one of the city’s popular marriage registries where thousands of couples go to register their marriages every year.

Almost all Ghanaian couples do have a customary marriage ahead of ordinance marriage registration for the simple fact that the customary way is a revered tradition. It dates back to several centuries, long before the African contact with Europeans who introduced the ordinance way. It is however not a precondition for a marriage by ordinance.

46 thoughts on “Marriage Registration Fees For 2016 Released

  1. Hi, I am a US citizen returning to Ghana to marry my fiancé. Do you know if the Registrar would be willing to provide two original copies of our marriage license? We are willing to pay for it. I believe the originals would be needed from both of us during the spouse visa process.


  2. Please my fiance and I want to have ordinace marriage due to financial problems…..can we do that before our traditional marriage

  3. Hello good morning and please my fiancé is a us citizen and am a Ghanaian citizen, we want to get married online or can we have ordinance marriage since she is leaving there and what is the procedures for a legally marriage license or certificate for both of us

  4. My fiance and I are both US citizens. She went to Ghana for her father’s funeral. She said she has gone through a traditional marriage ceremony there and now presenting to you for approval is going to cost me $1700. I have been trying to get her back home so we can be married here also under law for over a month. She says she can’t leave until she gets your approval. HELP ASAP!

  5. I marry a Ghanaian at the registrar. He was already married customary to a Ghana woman . However she doesn’t bare his name like I do. Who is the real wife according to the law of Ghana? I’m a foreigner

    1. You haven’t mentioned the type of marriage you did though. If your “supposed husband” had married customarily, he could marry one or more women customarily. But he cannot marry another woman by ordinance when they customary marriage with the other lady is still in place.

  6. Hello, please I’m a Ghanaian living in Germany and my girlfriend is a German, and we are both planing to go to Ghana to get married, also after what i did read online it said that the registration must be for 21 days before, and we both are living in Germany, i have been looking online for the form to do the registration i can’t found any form online either, so please and help me. What do i have to do so that the registration can be done before we both arrived in Ghana and get things done and back to Germany, Thanks

  7. I am from USA my fiance is from Ghana, we want to sign the marriage license certificate registry and have our ceremony a place we choose on the same day can we do that?

    1. All official aspects of the marriage is normally done at the registry. Any event or activity you choose to have after that is a decision that’s entirely up to you to make.

  8. Please am in Ghana and my partner is USA… We want to do the marriage by ordinance but he wont be around early so i wanted to know if i can start the process?

  9. Please my question is, if you starts Ordinance Marriage process in Kumasi and get Marriage Certificate please can you marry in a different town with the Kumasi Marriage Officiant.

  10. Please I have registered my upcoming marriage at Kumawu Assembly and on the form it FORM FOR REGISTER OF CUSTOMARY MARRIAGES,please I want to know if after the marriage the man has the right to marry another woman and if Yes what should I do before the marriage comes on.

    1. I don’t think your customary marriage registration is complete. A man in customary a customary marriage may marry as many as he is able to take care of; he can take more wives in addition to you.

  11. Hi please I want to know this my fiance is a US citizen and we want to get married but she can’t spend more days here because of work is there a way that in the ordinance marriage we can pay so that the process will be faster like a week and if possible how much is the fee for that please?

  12. Please am already married and wish to register it under the ordinance. Please is there a way out for me? Because I didn’t know we have to register before having the ceremony. Pls help me.

    1. Hi, Vic, most couples perform a customary marriage before they register under the ordinance. So you don’t have any problem. Just go to a marriage registry in your district and get it done.

  13. Please I want to do a customary marriage but am not in Ghana but my fiancee is in Ghana, what are the things should present at the court and how much do we need to pay please help us.

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