How to fix GTV channel’s audio on your satellite receiver

You set your digital satellite television receiver to scan and it comes up with Ghana Television, GTV, but with a problem: you get audio from their Accra radio, UniiqFM interferring with the tv audio. Well, don’t call a technician yet. You can fix that. I had the GTV Screensame difficulty until I figured out how to fix that.

The problem comes from GBC transmitting audio from radio on the left channel and audio for the tv on right channel. Here’s what to do.

  1. Look for the audio button on the remote control for your receiver.
  2. Press the audio button and select “Right” channel. That turns of audio from the radio and gives you audio for the tv only. “Left” gives you audio for the radio only; “Stereo” gives you both at the same time—that’s what you don’t want.
  3. Save the “Right” selection.

You’re done. Happy viewing.

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