A Description of Ghanaian customary marriage

A young bride wore kente blouse with slit maxi skirt and a silk head kerchief, and sat on a wooden stool at the side of her paternal uncle. She looked downwards as he asked her, for the third time [in Twi], “Nana, should we accept these [bottles of] drinks this young, handsome man is offering us, to take you as his wife?” The bride lifted her face in deliberate fashion, and for the third time also, she said out loud with, joy “Yes, Uncle!”, and immediately, the large gathering of family and friends let out loud cheers. Then, the uncle … Continue reading A Description of Ghanaian customary marriage

3 Ways to Marry in Ghana—Legally!

Are you thinking of  marrying in Ghana? Here are some tips to guide you. There are three legal forms of marriage in Ghana: the Customary, the Islamic and the Ordinance. Customary marriage in Ghana is a kind of marriage between a man and a woman, and involves performance of certain local customs. There are as many variations of the custom as the ethnic groups there are in Ghana. Two things common to the various customs are: a gathering of the extended families of the couple; and payment of a bride-price to the bride’s parents. Customary marriages are potentially polygynous: a … Continue reading 3 Ways to Marry in Ghana—Legally!