9 Tips for a Happy Marriage from Psychology

The state of a marriage relationship affects virtually all aspects of a couple’s lives and health, including mental and physical well-being. People who are happily married are found to have stronger immune systems that prevent infections more effectively than than the systems of those in troubled marriages. Fortunately, there are tried and tested ways by which a couple may work towards a happy marriage. Research on what makes a marriage work, according to the American Psychological Association, shows that people in a good marriage have completed these psychological “tasks”: Separate emotionally from the family you grew up in; not to … Continue reading 9 Tips for a Happy Marriage from Psychology

A Church Wedding or Court Wedding: Which Is Better?

Really, none by itself is better than the other. Whether you should have a church wedding or a court wedding depends on what you want for your wedding (and what you can afford). That’s a choice many young people who are preparing for a wedding may have to make.  And in making that choice, it helps very much when they have adequate information on the options available to them. So, in this blog post, Labone Express brings up the features one can find with each option, to help couples who are planning their weddings decide what they want to have. … Continue reading A Church Wedding or Court Wedding: Which Is Better?

Simple Ways to be Happy Everyday

We can be happy everyday, simply by choosing to behave in ways that can bring us happiness—by engaging in activities that psychologists have found to make us happy, daily. Happiness is that positive, good-feeling emotion we know and wish to experience always. Psychologists define it as a mental state that includes three components: feeling positive emotions, feeling satisfied with one’s life and not experiencing negative emotions. Being happy is not a fixed state, but a continuous process of making an effort to enjoy daily pleasurable events, situations, people and objects. Here are some behaviours and activities we can perform, to … Continue reading Simple Ways to be Happy Everyday

Remembering I’m in Love with Bomaye: Finding The Best Bride?

A small media company and Joy’s MultiTV brought to television screens, in the year 2012, a grand process of man’s selection of a female partner since the decline of the glory of the arranged marriage. “King” Bomaye, Ghanaian former housemate on Big Bother Africa season 6, camped with 12 nubile women in a mansion located somewhere in the eastern end of the city of Accra, to live together with the ladies for three months and choose a bride from the twelve by the end of the show. They called it I’m in Love with Bomaye. As king, Bomaye slept in … Continue reading Remembering I’m in Love with Bomaye: Finding The Best Bride?

The Lydia Forson Open Letter to President Mahama: A Close Reading

The biggest news about Ghana’s energy crises this weekend is, perhaps, a beautiful open letter supposedly written by luscious actor Lydia Forson to President John Mahama. That letter is a really impressive work when assessed as a literary text. That letter is massively engaging readers’ attention and drawing comments, tweets and retweets for many reasons. I’ve read it; first on Myjoyonline.com on Saturday, almost 24 hours after it was published, then I read it again on GraphicOnline and later on some other newssites. Immediately, I was tempted to write a commentary on the said piece of letter. But wait: one … Continue reading The Lydia Forson Open Letter to President Mahama: A Close Reading

To be Laid or To be Known

So how was the long awaited Valentine’s day? You got engaged? Or perhaps you renewed your vows with your spouse? Ooops!!! maybe you actually got a new boy or girlfriend? Awwww I’m sure some got broken hearted though. My first broken heart was on 15th February 2004……sobs, sobs….hehehehe!! And how many of you cheated? Yikes!!! So could you go on that blind date? Or just like I did, you were home sleeping and eating. Hehehe!!! No matter how the day went, it is past with memories that would last or fade. It is gone with events that will give us … Continue reading To be Laid or To be Known