Accra to be peaceful after 2012 election petition judgement

Ghana is prepared to stifle any attempts to cause violence after judgement for the 2012 presidential election petition case at the Supreme Court. First, the military and the police have made public display of their preparedness and have made exhibition of stuff from their armoury. Secondly, public service announcements and commercials calling for peace fill our radio and tv channels.

So far the nation has been calm; many residents of Accra live their normal lives and do business as normal. However, there were some fiery exchanges between members of the contesting political parties on radio and tv, until some got into trouble with the law of contempt of court. So far four persons have been convicted for contempt. Accra-post-office

The President of the nine-member panel hearing the petition, yesterday spoke on the way politics is done nowadays in the Ghana, saying it has implications for the nation’s peace. He assured Ghanaians that the Judiciary would not sit down for their interests and safety to be taken for a ride by a few reckless individuals who did not have the interest of the state at heart.




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