Dating: How to catch a great date

Dating relationships can be fun and exciting. But they can be confusing, especially if you don’t understand what dating is and when you aren’t well prepared.

Dating means different things to different people, across generations and across cultures. Dating, to some, means two people—a lady and a guy—in an intimate relationship. To others, it is getting to know or assess someone that you like that could potentially lead to an intimate relationship. The dating relationship may be sexual, but it does not have to be. It may be serious or casual, and may be short-term or long-term.

Some commonly used euphemisms for it are: going out, being with someone, seeing each other and being together. Whatever your definition of dating may be, certain factors tend to increase your chances of success at starting a dating relationship with, or getting a date from someone you like:

Be physically attractive: We are usually drawn to those we find physically attractive for the simple reason of aesthetic pleasure we obtain from looking at them. So, make yourself attractive.

Be attractive. Be mindful of your physical appearance: put more effort into your grooming and personal hygiene. Take your baths two times daily and wear clean, ironed clothes. Wear a deodorant daily. Maintain good posture, and gait.

Interact: People who interact frequently—even people who are thrown together by sheer providence—tend to like each other. By interacting we discover others who share our backgrounds, tastes, attitudes and values. Generally, people like others who are similar to them. Alternatively, you’ll be discovered by a special someone who has common interests as you do.

Be positive: Be positive about yourself and let your interactions with your potential dates be that as well. People are normally attracted to those with whom they have positive interactions. Also, we like someone when interaction with the one is rewarding for us. Others do the same too. So try to be fun to be with: be friendly and easygoing; have a good sense of humour and be exciting. Avoid offensive political or antisocial views.

Keep in mind that dating is fun and be your best without being pretentious. Remember in dating your partner assesses your suitability for future dates and possibly a relationship, just as you assesses that person too. Just be yourself and be confident: confident people don’t need to be pretentious to their date.

Happy dating!

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