Access Lectures From World's Top Universities Online For Free

You can access lectures from some of the top universities and colleges of the world, on business and about every subject imaginable, online for free. Millions of learners around the world are already watching first-rate lectures online, supplied by Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UCLA and other top universities.

I’ve just watched a lecture on The Frankfurt School of Critical Theory and Theodore Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory from Yale, on YouTube, as prep for a course I’m taking in Review and Criticism.

The universities are  posting and embedding full-length videos of lectures on YouTube and websites, to be accessed by anyone, anywhere there’s very fast internet access. Going online with lectures enables universities to reduce costs and while focusing resources on what really matters: quality and contact time between teachers and students.

Students in Ghanaian can access these online lectures as extra help to what they receive from their professors. One of the advantages of the lectures to students is that they can pause, rewind and replay as many times as they wish.

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  1. Interesting, for me this makes learning easier since all major universities, do have better lecturers who make subjects easier to understand.

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