All work and no play makes you a dull girl!

All work and no play makes you a dull girl — these beauties of the Ghana Institute of Journalism seem to be telling us just that. Students had a fun-time at the close of lectures, last Saturday October 19, for diversion from serious studies. Yes, there was barbecue, booze, music, dance, and lots of fun.

These two beauties are holding cups of palm-wine.

Recreational events like this one are very important for all normal people, especially active people, scientists say so. They advise that recreation is good for us for the following reasons:

  1. It helps us to relax – Recreational activities help us relax and give soothing effect to our nerves. It helps us release the tension and maintain balance.
  2. It reduces stress- If you’re feeling stressed or long hours of studies or work sucks out the best in you, take time out for recreation activities. They are best for you.
  3. Impacts our health- Recreational activities have a very good impact on our health. They are an excellent medicine for ailments which cannot be cured by any other means. It’s a natural way to stay fit and healthy in life.
  4. Social benefits- It helps us meet like minded people and develop a favorable rapport and friendships. People who share common interest makes a joyful group that help each other to promote themselves.
  5. Refresh the senses- Feeling dumb? Recreation is the important and best activity to refresh our senses and prepare us for the next battle. It rejuvenates the senses and makes us feel light again.
  6. Refills the energy- Recreation is best mechanism to refill our energy and make us feel alive again. It is best way to charge up when we feel exhausted and drained out.
  7. Better quality of life- Recreational activities help us build self esteem and confidence. It helps us enhance the quality of life by building a positive self image.

So, these are power-points for us to have more fun.

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