Are Recent Dumsor Statements from Celebrities A Scheme? Really?

It takes a Sarkordie song, an Yvonne Nelson tweet, and a Lydia Forson letter—each dealing with, the same subject, dumsor—and a big public excitement enters the on-going frenzied debates over the current electric power crisis at the beginning of May.

Today, in what looks like an argumentum ad hominen style, a new Black Narrator caricature seems to suggests that recent statements made by certain Ghanaian celebrities, telling politicians and the president off, over cartoon-clipa slow response to the country’s power crises—and calling for a more rapid resolution—are outcomes of a covert design, rather than mere coincidence.

So what?

Assuming, without admitting, that three celebrities have met to plan anything like that, one can see it for the public good it goes to serve. Is it unusual for a celebrity to support a cause or demand action from politicians and leaders on pressing social issues?

Or does the Black Narrator know something about any scheme by the three celebrities which we don’t know?

The number of fans who follow Lydia Forson, Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson on social media together  exceed one million. On Twitter alone, Sarkodie has 520,000; Yvonne Nelson, 462,000; and Lydia Forson has 110,000. On Facebook, Yvonne and Lydia  have over 1,500,000 and 210,000 followers respectively.

It is normal to expect that Ghanaians make up a good number of those fans; there are their family members, friends and school mates. Many of them are people whose lives are impacted by dumsor everyday and night.

What’s wrong if they speak up for themselves and others, Mr Black Narrator?

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