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Cool African Men’s Fashion

African-print-fabrics-mens-fashion-coloursHere’s a collection of cool African men’s fashion stuffs for the young and active male who’s conscious of his style and loves to socialise, especially on weekends. readers.

African-print-mens-fashionThey’re just casual for your usual meet-ups — family time-out, meet-ups, leisure and they’re smart casual for the not-so casual social engagements like church, party, child-naming ceremonies, and customary marriage ceremonies and weddings.

African-print-mens-fashionThe outfits are designed by a ask-Kwame le fabricateur, a label created by young Ghanaian entrepreneur, Awoonor Saviour Kwame [ask]. The model in these photos is Awoonor himself donning his own creations.

African-print-mens-fashion-shirtThe photos were shot on location in ‘Labadi’ by Adisah, my friend, who graciously made it possible to bring these beautiful stuff to my readers.

African men's fashionI hope you like these few designs. Expect more exciting stuff from Labone Express. If you have anything to say or a question about these African men’s fashion, just use the comment box below.

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