Get The New Tasty Mild Shito From Nadotenas

Shito or shittor is a Ghanaian food popular with students in boarding schools and universities. Shito is a dark sauce of pepper and other spices, tomatoes, ground fish and vegetable oil. Traditionally, shito is prepared to last several weeks or up to a few months without refrigeration or heating.


Originally, it is a sauce that is prepared and eaten by the people of the Ga ethnicity. Shito is the Ga word for pepper, and it is also the word for pepper sauce. Today shito is a kind of fast food that many Ghanaians have come to love.

Now, Nadotenas Enterprise has launched a very tasty new branded shito, Nadotenas Black Shito. It is a tasty mild shito, unlike other spicy hot brands. Nadotenas Shito is specially prepared to maintain its quality and taste for longer. Shito goes well with a wide variety of foods and can be eaten with cooked rice, waakye, yam, kenkey, banku, and it can be eaten by both young and old.

Nadotenas Black Shito is available in three different bottle sizes and is available in grocery shops around the Spintex Road in Accra and Tema. You may order on 027 4780475 or 024 4973503.

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