The Keep Ghana Clean Public Service Commercials are Sexist

The Keep Ghana Clean campaign sponsored by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and currently running on television to promote good refuse disposal habits is a laudable effort especially in the height of the present cholera epidemic. The campaign is made up of a number of public service announcements including “The Story of Cholera”, a five-minute short animation film produced by the Global Health Media Project and released in 2011, and a number of television advertisements produced here in Ghana, which show scenes most of us know very well. Despite the good objectives for the campaign, some of the public … Continue reading The Keep Ghana Clean Public Service Commercials are Sexist

RELBONET Partners in Germany Visit Ghana

A delegation of partners of the Religious Bodies Network on Climate Change [RELBONET] from the Bremen Mission in Germany have interacted with officials in the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum Resources, and the Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology in Accra, Monday 18th August. The delegates, numbering five are Annegret, Christine, Emmanuel, Heinrich and Helmut. They are Climate Change and Environment Programme managers of their respective churches in Germany. The churches are the Evangelical Church of Bremen, the Evangelical Church in Lippe, the Lutheran Church in Oldenburg, and the Reformed Church in Leer. The delegation was led round Accra by RELBONET’s … Continue reading RELBONET Partners in Germany Visit Ghana

Togbe Afede XIV relays The Queen’s Baton

Togbe Afede XIV, The Paramount Chief of Asɔgli and President of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, at noon on Sunday January 5, received the baton in the Glasgow 2014 Queen’s Baton Relay in Ho, capital of the Volta Region. The baton arrived at Togbe Afede’s palace where a very colourful durbar of Chiefs and people of Ho was being held.  The baton was relayed to him on the 89th day of the QBR by Hon. Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo, the Volta Regional Minister. Togbe Afede commented, “We are privileged to be able to host the baton so early in the … Continue reading Togbe Afede XIV relays The Queen’s Baton

Nelson Mandela passes away

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the revered African statesman and an enduring icon of the struggle against racial oppression, who left prison after 27 years to be president of South Africa has died. He passed away Thursday night, 5 December, in his Johannesburg home. He was 95. “Our nation has lost its greatest son,” President Jacob Zuma said in a televised address Thursday night. Mandela was inaugurated South Africa’s first democratically elected President 10 May 1994, when he led the ANC to a resounding victory in the nation’s first democratic elections. He served one term which ended in 1999. Mandela led the spirited struggle to end apartheid, the … Continue reading Nelson Mandela passes away

Rare solar eclipse excites residents of Accra

There was excitement in Accra Sunday November 3, when a rare solar eclipse that began over the Atlantic Ocean as an annular eclipse and transitioned into a full total solar eclipse along the narrow path in the eastern Atlantic and over parts of Africa reached Accra around 1.20pm local time. Astronomers predict that another eclipse to be seen across Africa will occur February 26, 2017.   Continue reading Rare solar eclipse excites residents of Accra

EP Church supports communities to adapt to Climate Change

Religious groups are becoming active in promoting understanding and action in response to climate change worldwide. In Ghana, the EP Church is a leading religious organisation working in the climate and environment sector. The church provides information and education to enable rural communities whose main occupation is food crop production animal keeping. It also executes projects under its climate and environment programmes. Presently the church has projects going on, in parts of northern Ghana to help communities and rural peasant farmers who depend mainly on rainfall to water their crops to adapt to climatic changes. In the video below, a … Continue reading EP Church supports communities to adapt to Climate Change

How the media in Ghana fared on election day 2012

Many commentators on the 2012 elections have commended the media for the role they played and contribution they made for transparent, free and fair polls. That claim is true. They media did a terrific job. Yes, they brought to the people, news of order at the some polling centres, and problems with equipment at others. They brought live scenes of ballots being counted and winners being announced, to living rooms and shacks in equal measure across the nation and beyond. There were some unnecessary lapses in certain aspects of the media’s performance covering the elections and its aftermath. The lapses … Continue reading How the media in Ghana fared on election day 2012

A Review of the Media’s Performance in Ghana

The last twenty years have been the best for the media in Ghana. The media became very active, when Ghanaians in a 1992 referendum voted for a constitution and democratic governance. The constitution, in chapter twelve, guaranteed freedom of speech and of the media. Subsequently, a number of private newspapers emerged that same year. Private radio and television followed in 1995 after deregulation of broadcasting. Now, after more than twenty years, we have hundreds of privately owned media stations across the country. They include newspapers, radio, television and new media. The picture was very different for all that period preceding … Continue reading A Review of the Media’s Performance in Ghana

Islamic faith leaders deliberate on Climate Change

Leaders of the Islamic faith in Ghana held a workshop on Climate Change, Wednesday 21st August, at the new World Bank Ghana office at Ridge in Accra, to interact with researchers to learn and understand the critical issues, and to discuss the best options in leading Climate Change communication and behavioural change in their congregations. It was a really knowledge enriching event, and it was attended by Imams, Duats, scholars and women leaders in the faith. The event was organised by Alhussunna Wal Jama’a, in partnership with RELBONET and support from The World Bank and local sponsors. Dr. Adeline Mensah … Continue reading Islamic faith leaders deliberate on Climate Change