Get highlights of the 2014 Budget for Ghana

Thumbnail of 2014 BudgetThe Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Seth Tekper, has presented the 2014 budget statement and government’s economic policy to Parliament.

Highlights of the budget include:


1. President, Vice President and the Executive takes a 10% salary cut
2. Establishment of Infrastructure Fund

  • Will change fundamentally the funding and delivery of infrastructure in the country;
  • Will reduced cost, enhance timely payments, and promote more efficient delivery of capital projects.
  • Considering that lack of infrastructure remains a major hindrance to the transformation of the country in terms of the road, rail and energy to facilitate trade and expansion of businesses.

3. Support to local industries

  • Removal of taxes on HIV imported products
  • Removal of taxes on printing material – providing business, making Ghanaian printers more competitive
  • Provision of credit support for SME development

4. Setting up of contingency fund for the first time since constitutional rule
5. Agriculture modernization

  • Setting up of a two modern farmers market to transform the way agriculture produce especially how grain is marketed in Ghana through the use of modern facilities and ICT.

Download highlights of the budget here.

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