Accra Perspectives: Street Photography from Accra

What impression do you have of the city of Accra—that’s if you live here, work here or have some reason to be here? I know your answer to this simple question, of course, depends on where your lifestyle takes you to the most and those views of the city you come into contact with the most.

Here, I want to share with you in the following photography from the streets of Accra, different perspectives of the city, from the first class residential zones, to the low class slums of the city; from the shopping malls on Osu Oxford Street to the alleys of Accra Newtown.

Oxford Street 03
Osu Oxford Street ©George AgboKlu


Accra Airport Luxury Apartments
Accra Luxury Apartments ©George AgboKlu


Airport Area Accra
Airport Residential Area ©George AgboKlu


Kokomlemle ©George AgboKlu


Accra Informal Market
An Informal Market near Kwame Nkrumah Circle ©George AgboKlu


Ayidiki Accra Newtown
Ayidiki Accra Newtown ©George AgboKlu

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