Wedding in Ghana — Elaborate, Simple, Colourful

A wedding in Ghana can be very elaborate or simple, and may be part of a colourful celebration in Ghana’s modern marriage tradition. In Ghanaian modern marriage, couples may have completed customary marriage rites or celebrations before a wedding. The wedding usually is either a church wedding or a court wedding.

Normally a wedding must begin with a plan. That would include the date and time, the theme the couple wish to have, venue, the types of vehicles to use and how many guests to invite. Some couples plan all by themselves and seek advice and inputs from friends when they think it’s okay to do

Others go for certain professional wedding services only, for instance, for decorations or catering or photography.  Others engage wedding planners to manage the wedding day events.Wedding bride

The bride and groom must ensure that they go to a marriage registry to file a notice of marriage in good time. A registrars certificate is issued 21 days later, which clears the couple to go on to have their wedding.

Beautiful wedding gown, suits, rich kente, lace fabrics and expensive wax print; plus luxury cars, delightful decorations, and happy family and friends bring so much colour to such celebrations.

A young Accra couple, Kofi and Frema, had their beautiful wedding Saturday at the Church of Pentecost in Tabora Accra, days after the performance of customary marriage rites. It was a ceremony of spoken promises. Before God and witnesses, Frema, the bride and Kofi, the groom recite their vows to each other. The bridal party looks just beautiful in these wedding photos.
Church weddings are becoming more common as churches demand that of their members. That demand, apart from being a religious obligation for marriage, is made by to commit a man to one wife (just as they preach). Wedding-in-ghana

A church wedding in Ghana must, first of all, meet the requirements for marriage by ordinance. Churches have learned that such arrangements commit husbands to having one wife only at a time, in this society where polygyny — a custom in which one man has more that one wife at the same time — is normal.

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