Guest Bloggers Welcome on Labone Express

Want to contribute an article to a blog for the urban young community? Labone Express is a small but respected blog, serving Ghana’s urban young community with local reports, lifestyle, quality analyses and opinions, and inspirational articles. Labone Express gets 2000 page views a week and has 6.0 average search position on Google.

Before you submit a post, I suggest that you read the posting guidelines first to ensure that your post gets published. You should write quality original content that is solely focused on adding value for readers.

You may submit work on any of these subjects:

  • Lifestyle
  • Health and Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Money and Business
  • Inspiration
  • Social Justice
  • Technology
  • Politics

Give due credit when you use another person ‘s or other people’s work in your own— don’t plagiarise. Your work must have 600 words minimum. You must present your ideas, arguments etc coherently and concisely.

What do you get for publishing your articles on Labone Express? You get quality editorial services. You may build a following of happy readers. You get the opportunity for self-branding by way of the quality of your posts. Labone Express does not pay for articles/works.

By submitting articles for publishing, you agree that Labone Express has the right to exercise editorial judgement on your work, and you agree that Labone Express may publish and circulate your work on various media and number of times without limit.

If you’ve read and understood the posting guidelines, you may follow the links provided to submit your works.

There are two ways to submit an article to Labone Express. One you of the ways is that yo must go to this page and register a user account and submit your work. Alternatively you go to Post an Article page and submit.


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