Bishop MacLander Bansah’s Faith Healing Ministry

Bishop MacLander Bansah is a prophet of God with a thriving ministry at Sokode Gbogame of the Volta Region called God’s Garden Ministries international. He is an anointed by God for the deliverance of the region and his generation. Bishop-MacLander Countless miracles have been manifested through the ministry of his prophet and he has touched the lives of many. A few of God’s miracles manifested through the ministry of his servant is below:

  1. A woman who went through a surgical operation to have her womb removed for some health complications was looking for fruit of the womb came to his ministry. According to the Bishop, the Holy Spirit directed that apples to be blessed for her to eat after seven days. To the glory of God that woman who had no womb gave birth to a set of twins who are in good health.
  2. Another testimony to God’s glory through the ministry of the prophet is that, a man who was sick and bed-ridden for 15 years received healing from his infirmity. The Holy Spirit directed his prophet to mix his drinking water with communion wine and offer it to the sick man to drink, and to the glory of God, the sick man received healing.
  3. A baby with fractured bones at birth was due for operation to correct the bones at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. The parents brought the child to the prophet for prayers. The baby was sent for a final assessment before the operation, and to the surprise of the doctors, they realized the fractured bones have been corrected. This is another manifestation of God’s healing power.
  4. God has healed countless cases of strokes through the ministry of Bishop Maclander.
  5. One final one worth mentioning is a lady who came from Germany with a mental issue and upon placing the calendar of the prophet on her head, she got healed and is functioning well now.

The ministry of Bishop Maclander is also passionate about the salvation of souls and he reaches out to them through radio broadcasts on several radio stations across the region, short videos of his preaching distributed on social media.

The ministry has also supported the less privileged in society and brought meaning and smiles to the lives of many. His teachings focus on neighbourly love, focus on Christ, salvation of souls. His continuous admonishment of the congregation is that nothing material gives life; every one of us will one day die and leave all our possessions on earth, and the only thing that will travel with us to eternity is our deeds to explain before the throne of judgement, where we’ll give account of the time and resources God blessed us with on earth. His heavenly inspired messages provides deep insights to life and Godly living.

God’s Garden Ministries International has two main services weekly; Tuesday prophetic service where the prophet of God ministers to the people of God prophetically and Sunday thanksgiving service where praises and worship is given unto God for a successful week and the new week is committed into God’s hand. Make a date with God’s Garden Ministries International to have an encounter with God like never before.

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