Opportunity for Everyday Wellness and Wealth

Max International’s range of Nutritional Supplements and Weight Management products are specially made to enhance general well-being and health. And Max International offers a unique opportunity to make more money and make a difference in your own life and other people’s lives.

cellgevity-in-ghanaCellgevity is a proprietary blend superbly balanced with prime ingredients cells utilize for superior function for better health.

MaxSwitch-ghanaSwitch is designed to help support your body’s metabolism turn fat into fuel. Switch utilizes a proprietary mix of nutrients to help lower your appetite, reduce hunger pangs and food cravings while your body’s metabolism continues to work at its optimal level.


MaxATP replenishes energy and fights fatigue; neutralizes free radicals and oxidative stress, and improves recovery after physical exercise.


For products and more information on how you can be part the Max International business and wealth offer, Call Bernice on +233 54 535 7530.

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