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Salvo Multimedia is a virtual website design and content marketing studio registered in Ghana. Our business is in connecting brands and businesses to consumers and markets. We serve small and medium size businesses in Africa with digital marketing.

In this write-up, we give you reasons why you should make a business website and digital content marketing your business priorities in the post covid-19 business environment.

Website Design

The essence of a website as a business tool has risen sharply during the covid-19 lockdowns around the world, according to the CMO Survey. The rise in the utility of business websites has been driven mainly by the following factors:

  • Lower in-person marketing engagement;
  • Increased openness to new digital offerings;
  • Increased value placed on digital experiences;
  • More reviews/blogging/posting about brands online;
  • More online research before purchasing.

Increasing amounts of investment in online and social media marketing have been observed in the business environment since the first quarter of the year 2020. The increase in investments is in response to real changes in consumer behaviour, which can be attributed to the novel coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic.

Businesses that increased their budgetary allocations to online and social media marketing are reporting positive results from those investments.

At Salvo Multimedia, we design and install professional websites and blogs for small and medium size businesses and brands in Africa. Our websites incorporate best technologies to make you stand out.

Digital Content Marketing

Digital Content Marketing is the process of planning, creating and distributing multimedia content of various forms and formats to a target audience or consumers, in pursuit of determined marketing communication objectives. Content marketing may be executed through an entity’s own website and social media pages or by way of sponsored content on other websites including appropriate influential blogs such as the Labone Express or through a combination of the channels enumerated.

A small business entity may use digital content marketing in pursuit of key marketing objectives, including:

  • Building brand value that connects with customers
  • Retaining current customers
  • Customer acquisition

Again, at Salvo Multimedia, we help you with planning, developing and distributing professional multimedia content to achieve best results.

Get in touch with us today at Salvo Multimedia and let’s start a conversation about your requirements and how we can help you to achieve best results. Send us a mail today:

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