Samsung Galaxy S23 Series incorporates more recycled materials

Samsung says it has incorporated recycled materials in more device components for the Galaxy S23 series than in any other previous Galaxy smartphone.

The company said it was adopting new and sustainable ways of doing business to meet the urgency of climate crisis.

It had increased the presence of recycled materials in the Galaxy S23 series, rising from six internal components made from eco-conscious materials in the Galaxy S22 Ultra to 12 internal and external components incorporating recycled materials including aluminium and glass in the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The packaging box was made of 100% recycled paper. “By continuing to increase recycled materials in Galaxy devices, this helps to reduce our impact on the environment” Samsung said in a statement it released April 3.

“With its new, cutting-edge design, the Galaxy S23 series demonstrates that innovation brings both high-performance and sustainability for the ultimate premium Galaxy experience,” Samsung said.

Samsung S23 Ultra Camera

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