National Theatre celebrates Dr. Abdallah in grand Accra Homage

Ghana’s National Theatre erupted in vibrant applause recently, not for a staged performance, but for the man who helped build the stage itself – Dr. Mohammed Ben Abdallah. This living legend, a playwright, director, and artistic architect, turned 79, and the occasion called for a celebration worthy of his contributions.

Friends, family, and officials showered Dr. Abdallah with accolades, reminiscing about his “vision and tenacity” that breathed life into the National Theatre. He’s the man behind the three resident groups – the orchestra, the dance company, and the drama troupe – ensuring a harmonious symphony of music, movement, and storytelling within the theatre walls.

“He’s the foundation stone of this institution,” declared Mrs. Amy Appiah Frimpong, the National Theatre’s Director. “Dr. Abdallah not only envisioned this space, but built it, brick by creative brick.”

But beyond bricks and mortar, Dr. Abdallah is a weaver of words. His plays, like “The Rail of Mallam Llya” and “The Fall of Kumbi,” have stirred emotions, challenged norms, and ignited imaginations across generations. On this celebratory night, snippets of his works danced across the stage, a fitting tribute to the master storyteller.

Dr. Ibrahim Awal, Ghana’s Minister for Tourism, Creative Arts and Culture, echoed the sentiment, calling Dr. Abdallah a “cultural ambassador, a custodian of stories, and a beacon of hope.” He pledged unwavering support for the arts, a promise resonating with the rhythmic applause that filled the air.

Dr. Abdallah’s journey hasn’t been confined to the stage. He’s an educator, a cultural consultant, and a social activist, leaving his mark beyond the spotlight. His work as a World Bank consultant for the Gambian government, building art programs and nurturing new voices, is a testament to his boundless creative spirit.

So, raise a glass (or, perhaps, an enthusiastic stomp and clap!) to Dr. Mohammed Ben Abdallah. His vision, his passion, and his unwavering dedication to the arts have not only built a national treasure, but also woven a vibrant tapestry of Ghanaian culture, one story, one beat, one dance at a time. Long may the curtain rise on his legacy!


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