Money and Love

When a young boy falls in loveLove and Money

He takes it as his world cup.

He foolishly fails to realize that youthful heroism

Acquired today soon fades for you are worshiped today and neglected tomorrow.

In our time Money is man

And man is money. When you have corn

You command the chicks. For like a budding flower

Your girl won’t allow herself to be wasted

While you are yet to begin and build life.

She must be fed and clothed.

Your pleasure and comfort is therefore snatched

By the hand of a strong man

Who emerges from nowhere;

And there you are, poor boy! Seething with anger

But patience is a must have virtue

For you will also grow Insha Allah to be a strong and prosperous man

Whose chick cannot be snatched.
Eli Dokosi
Cell: 0249907425/0262907425


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