Tribute to Nyidevu Awoonor

My heart is heavy, my heart is indeed heavy My eyes are weary, weary after shedding much tear But for whom do I endure such pain you might ask It is for Kofi Nyidevu Awoonor That oak tree which was cut down in far away Kenya At the West, gate shopping mall on 21st September 2013 By dirty, foul and goodless men Who have nothing to give but foulness and badness. We all expected that when that day came for you to go to the great beyond It would be at the airport of your home and on the plane … Continue reading Tribute to Nyidevu Awoonor

Money and Love

When a young boy falls in love He takes it as his world cup. He foolishly fails to realize that youthful heroism Acquired today soon fades for you are worshiped today and neglected tomorrow. In our time Money is man And man is money. When you have corn You command the chicks. For like a budding flower Your girl won’t allow herself to be wasted While you are yet to begin and build life. She must be fed and clothed. Your pleasure and comfort is therefore snatched By the hand of a strong man Who emerges from nowhere; And there … Continue reading Money and Love

Ghanaian Filmmakers Must Sit Up And Perform

Film is a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement. Many countries have over the course of history perfected the art of film-making so much so that a thriving industry has been carved out. Countries such as America and Britain have used film to shape the beliefs or way of life of other country’s nationals especially the not too industrialized countries of which Ghana is part of. For good or for bad these countries have sought to keep in the consciousness of their citizens happenings of a certain … Continue reading Ghanaian Filmmakers Must Sit Up And Perform