Tribute to Nyidevu Awoonor

My heart is heavy, my heart is indeed heavy

My eyes are weary, weary after shedding much tear

But for whom do I endure such pain you might ask

It is for Kofi Nyidevu Awoonor

That oak tree which was cut down in far away Kenya

At the West, gate shopping mall on 21st September 2013

By dirty, foul and goodless men

Who have nothing to give but foulness and badness.

We all expected that when that day came for you to go to the great beyond

It would be at the airport of your home and on the plane of your bed

But alas foul men in mask rather chose a parking space to sprinkle peppery bullets into you

But for the intervention of the gods, your son would have also crossed the river with you

Now that you have entered the land of saints

Do send my regards to Nkrumah, Garvey, Lumumba, Biko, Chaka, L’Overture, King, Shabazz, Sarowiwa, Sankara, Achebe, Toure, Parks, Carmichael, Du Bois, Truth, Washington, Mohammed, Akhenaton, Marley, Gadhafi, Tubman, Douglas and the other greats.

Remember to tell them, cowardly and visionless African leaders abound just as the old oppressor is at it still, from their ancestors, grand fathers, fathers to sons they still rape, sodomize, abuse and defile mama Africa and her children

Tell our ancestors that due to inimical trade rules and oppressive global bodies gold, diamond, coltan, copper, oil, timber and other endowments do not as yet better the lives of Africans but other nationals.

Oh, Kofi ask the intellectuals, the warriors, brave, astute, spiritual, crafty, athletic, prophets to intercede on behalf of the living before we are exterminated

We survived the Trans Atlantic and Trans Sahara trade and ordeal but we might not survive neo-colonialism unless Ethiopia stretches her hands unto God

At 78 and having been a poet, diplomat, politician, teacher, writer, dramatist and statesman one could be forgiven for reckoning you have lived a full life but should fate be so cruel as to allow you a colossus to be slained by thugs and such mindless people from the Al shabab militant group.

Oh Papa, Togbui, Efo, Todia, Amega, Ametsea, Fofo

baba nao, kuse-kuse, Kpoo ha bo: hedenyie kovasere gbii ke miaga dogo.


Eli Dokosi

Eli Dokosi


CELL: 0249907425/0262907425



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