How the Internet has Improved Lives in Ghana

The internet is a network of computer networks which provides information and communication facilities. The internet in its 46years of existence has evolved in so many ways and is making life much easier and comfortable than ever. In this article, I will tell you how the internet has made life in Ghana easier.

1. News Portals: News Portals are websites that provide internet users with news. In Ghana, with the growing population of smart device users, preference for print news has been on the decline and people would rather prefer to have news handy on their smart devices.

This has given a boost to internet journalism and smart device users now access news on their smart devices—news ranging from local to international.

The accuracy and timely reporting of news items on these portals has also made access to information easier than before and is contributing to keep many Ghanaians abreast of issues both home and abroad., and, are some of the leading examples in news portals.

2. Banking has never been easier in Ghana until the birth of internet banking by banks. With internet banking, banking activities are done over the internet and with great comfort. With any smart device, a customer can access his/her bank account statement, deposit money with a voucher pin, make money transactions to another party and a whole lot.

Internet banking has eliminated the long queues of customers waiting to be served in the banking halls. This has increased productivity at the banks and has also brought joy and comfort to the customer.

Banking over the internet comes with support services, which means there is no need to walk to the banking hall to get your problems resolved. Barclays Bank Ghana, GCB Bank and First Capital Plus Bank etc. offer internet banking.Couple-browsing-internet

3. e–shops: There has been a sudden spring of e–shops in Ghana offering various kinds of online shopping services. Services ranging from home appliances to electronic devices to even fashion apparel and services. Some of the shops in addition offer free delivery of purchased goods.

The evolution has made shopping in Ghana easier since it saves the shopper the hustle of running around to buy the stuffs one needs and more so moving from shop to shop to find a better deal. With online shopping you can compare prices of goods you want to buy just by visiting the websites of the various shops from your smart device at the comfort of your home or office to see which of the shops offers a better deal. When next you want to shop, try doing it online.,, are a few you can bang your hopes on.

4. Adverts are mediums through which businesses communicate their product information to their customers. Traditionally, billboards are mounted with the product on them or commercials are run on radio or advertising them in the print media. Even though these methods still exist today, internet advertisement has risen to beat them. With the fast growing nature of the internet and the growing number of its users, companies are able to attract more customers than before.

In Ghana companies have exploited this avenue over the years and are stuck to it because, they have reaped enormous benefits from it and this has reduced age old advertising problems such as which routes do we mount billboards, and which radio stations or newspapers do we give our adverts to, whether or not they will give us our monies worth etc.

However, with online adverts, all you need to do is to get a website with considerable traffic and advertise, considering your target market too. You would keep your old customers whiles you get new ones. So, when thinking advertising, think e–adverts. An example is Guinness Ghana limited who in their recent made of black campaign went wild with online ads on YouTube, news portals and social media.

5. Payments: I’m sure hustle is what comes to mind when it’s that time of the year to file tax returns. No need to worry folks! Ghana Revenue Service recently launched a portal where businesses can file their tax returns.

Payments are made via visa card, master card and e-transact card over the internet. This has reduced the risk that comes with carrying large amounts of money and it has also eliminated the tedious running around town and the difficulties you go through at your local revenue office just to file your tax returns in time.

Now, your accountant or whoever makes tax payments on your behalf can now do that at the click of a few buttons and at the comfort of his or her office.

These are some examples of how the internet has improved lives in Ghana.

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